The Dangers of Social Media workshop

Join Amber Hawkins, owner of Your Computer Needs of Toledo, LLC at this special event.

Are You Aware of Today’s Dangers of Social Media?

About this event

Dangers known and unknown equates to fear. In the case of Social Media, just getting on can be interpreted as form of fear. There’s everything from understanding the different Social Media sites to knowing if your children are safe as they navigate from Social Media website to Social Media website, from this post to this Tweet, and on from there. Everything from scamming to Cyberbullying has gotten not only more sophisticated, but has become bolder. As a parent, this question is more evident than ever before: Are you REALLY aware of today’s dangers of Social Media? During this 90-minute training, let’s begin the process of knowing today’s dangers of Social Media, and what it takes to lessen them.

Date and time

Thu, February 17, 2022

6:00 AM – 7:30 AM PST

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