Simple Computer Maintenance for Busy Entrepreneurs


Step-by-step tips, tricks, and techniques on maintaining your device--desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone, etc.

We're living in a time where we're doing what's possible to return to everything prior to the pandemic. We additionally have to remember safety, COVID-19 regulations, and that computers and technology continues to advance. We're more mobile, more remote, and more online. From the desktop to the laptop, from the tablet to the smartphone, and any other computer or technology device you can think of -- maintenance of these tools is crucial.

True many entrepreneurs, small-business owners, independent contractors, solopreneurs, side-gig enthusiasts, and freelancers maintain these devices themselves. There are those who routinely get their devices serviced elsewhere. BUT, what about those who don't have the time to do so, or don't have the budget to get it done? This is where this masterclass comes in.

For one hour, you'll learn step-by-step tips, tricks, and techniques that are simple and not time consuming. Your time is valuable. Only one hour of your time is being asked so that you'll have more time being productive instead of worrying if your device has been maintained or not.

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